Day of the Dead Skull OlyFun Rag Wreath

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This rag wreath is made with OlyFun and a wood skull, for Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos. Rag wreaths are normally made of cotton fabric strips or deco mesh. I used OlyFun in Metallic Silver, Jet Black, Blueberry, Bubblegum, Clover and Jelly. OlyFun doesn’t fray and cuts like paper, making it great for decorative projects. I painted a wood sugar skull with DecoArt Americana acrylic paints. Day of the Dead is the 1st and 2nd of November, following Halloween. I chose more colorful Autumn decor this year, than the traditional leaf shades commonly used for fall and Halloween decorations. This rag wreath can be made in any of the OlyFun colors for any style of decor and season. I used a wire wreath base, to which the rag strips and skull are tied onto. Other items could easily be tied onto the wire wreath base for added personalization. This is a kid-friendly project as it uses no glues or sewing, and only involves tying fabric to a wreath base. The painting would be better for older kids or adults, as it’s more intricate.

What you need to make this project

OlyFun in Jet Black
OlyFun in Jelly
OlyFun in Clover
OlyFun in Blueberry
OlyFun in Bubblegum
OlyFun in Metallic Silver
Wire wreath base
Wood skull
Black spray paint
DecoArt Americana acrylic paint in various colors
Paint brushes

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Step One

Spray paint the wire wreath base black on both the front and back.

  • day-of-the-dead-skull-olyfun-rag-wreath-1

Step Two

Cut the OlyFun into 1″ by 6″ stripes. I cut the colors in small batches, as I wasn’t sure how many I would need. I probably used a couple hundred in the end.

  • day-of-the-dead-skull-olyfun-rag-wreath-2

Step Three

I kept my strips in the same repeating pattern, with the black between each color. The silver is randomly mixed in. Start on the outer edge of the wire wreath base. Fold one strip in half. Slip the fold loop until a wire. Fold the tails over the wire, and through the loop. Pull the tails gently and tightly, forming a knot. Keep repeating this method of adding pieces, making sure the wire sections are tightly filled.

  • day-of-the-dead-skull-olyfun-rag-wreath-3

Step Four

With a wide flat paintbrush, basecoat the wood skull grey on the front and back. Paint silver over the grey on the front. With a liner paint brush, add details. My skull is laser cut, so I outlined those cut details. You might be tempted to use a paper skull. Don’t, as the paper will warp with temperature changes.

  • day-of-the-dead-skull-olyfun-rag-wreath-4

Step Five

My wood skull has holes already. If yours doesn’t have two equally spaced top holes, drill two through the wood skull. Place the skull in the middle of the wreath. Figure out where the top holes touch the wire wreath base. My skull touched the 2nd circle from the inside. Slip a OlyFun strip through each hole, and over the wire. Tie the skull onto the wreath, on the back.

  • day-of-the-dead-skull-olyfun-rag-wreath-5

Step Six

Cut a long OlyFun strip. Fold it in half. Tie it to the top of the wreath base. About 4″ up, tie the tails together in an overhand knot. Cut the excess tails. This is the hanger for the wreath. You can make this shorter, if you want it to hide better behind the wreath.