Cuddle Fabric Christmas Tree

Category: Decor

Quickly make beautiful holiday decor!

What you need to make this project

Cuddle Rose Fabric
Styrofoam Cone
Wood knob, Dowel, Small pail

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Poly-Fil Supreme® Ultra Plush Fiber Fill 8 ounce Bag


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Step One

Cut pieces of the cuddle fabric to fit the cone. Pin the fabric onto the styrofoam. The pinheads are hidden nicely by the plush fabric.

Step Two

Cut a strip of contrasting color cuddle fabric to fit the base of the cone. Sew the side together to make a tube, and fill with Poly-Fil. Pin the piece to the cone.

Step Three

Gently insert the dowel rod into the cone, and hot glue it into the pail. Glue the knob onto the top of the tree.