Crocheted Metallic Striped Bowl

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This crocheted bowl is made with new metallic OlyFun fabrics in Silver, Rose Gold, and Gold. This crocheted bowl is Intermediate to Expert, as it takes prior experience with crocheting in the round and crochet patterns. If you made my Rainbow Crocheted OlyFun Crossbody Bag using my DIY OlyFun Yarn, you might be able to tackle this crocheted bowl. Metallic OlyFun is a foil fused to OlyFun, creating a thicker fabric. Metallic OlyFun is a little trickier to crochet with than the regular OlyFun, since it’s stiffer from the foil layer. I suggest using a jumbo plastic crochet hook, for the easiest crocheting. Metallic OlyFun also comes in Red, which would also look great as a bowl. The stiffer fabric creates a nice rigidity, causing the bowl to stand upright and not become overly floppy. I suspect creating this bowl with normal OlyFun yarn, would product a softer bowl.

What you need to make this project

OlyFun Metallic in Silver
OlyFun Metallic in Rose Gold
OlyFun Metallic in Gold
Fabric scissors
Jumbo plastic crochet hook
Size F crochet hook

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Step One

Create yarn using my OlyFun Yarn Tutorial. The Metallic OlyFun Yarn needs to be 1″ wide, and continuously cut from the bolt, vs. in shorter lengths. I’ll estimate that I used about 1-2 yards of silver, 1/2-1 yard of rose gold, and a 1/2 yard of gold to create this bowl. Bigger bowls will need more fabric.


Step Two

Fold the yarn length in half, creasing with your fingers. Only the metallic should show. The reverse side should be enclosed in the fold.

This project is no sew. However, for perfect yarn, straight stitch down the opening of the folded yarn with matching thread. Overlap the yarn ends while sewing, vs. making them zig zag during cutting.

Step Three

Starting with the silver OlyFun yarn, make a slip knot. Place this over your jumbo plastic hook.

Step Four

Make 5 chains (CH). Slip stitch (SS) back into the 1st chain you made, creating a circle of chains.

Step Five

CH 1. Single crochet (SC) 10 times into center of the chain circle. SS into the top of the 1st SC.


Step Six

I crocheted my rows in a spiral, but for the striping, circle rows would look cleaner. Due to my hindsight, I’m continuing these instructions, using circle, not spiral rows.

CH 1. 2 SC in each SC of the previous row. SS in the top of the 1st SC of that row.


Step Seven

CH 1. SC in each SC of the previous row, making two SC in a stitch, where you feel the circle needs to expand. SS in the 1st SC of that row. Continue making rows like this, till the circle is the size bowl bottom you desire.

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Step Eight

Ch 2. Double Crochet (DC) in each stitch of the previous row. SS in the top of the 1st DC. Repeat this step until the bowl wall is built up with silver, to the height you desire. DC is twice as high as SC, making the height build up faster. SC is tighter, making the bowl bottom more solid than DC would be.

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Step Nine

Time to switch from Silver OlyFun yarn to Rose Gold OlyFun yarn. When you are making the last part of your last silver DC, lay the rose gold yarn over the silver yarn. Leave a long tail of rose gold over the silver working yarn. Finish the DC stitch with both yarns together. Cut the tails to match.

Step Ten

SS into the 1st DC of that row, using only the Rose gold. Pull the silver taught. The tails will be worked in later.

Step Eleven

CH 2. 1 DC into each DC of the previous row. SS into the top of the 1st DC of that row. Repeat for 2 more rows.

Step Twelve

Switch to Gold OlyFun yarn on the last DC of the 3rd Rose Gold yarn row.


Step Thirteen

With the Gold OlyFun yarn, CH 2. 1 DC into each DC of the previous row. SS into the top of the 1st DC of that row. Pull the SS tight. Leave a 6″ tail. Cut off the excess.


Step Fourteen

Using the size F crochet hook, weave in the tails through the crochet work. I do this on the inside of the work. Match the tail colors with the crochet work colors, to camouflage them. After weaving for several inches, cut off any excess tails, flush with the bowl.

Step Fifteen

When you are finished, the bowl should look similar to mine.