Couples Conversation Double Rocker

Categories: Decor, Outdoor

Update tired old rocking chairs by turning them into a colorful, conversational couples double rocker!  Spend the summer together chatting outside.

What you need to make this project

Soft Support Foam
Two Thrifted Rocking Chairs
Modern Red Paint
Printed Canvas Fabric
Staple Gun
Rope Trim
Hot Glue Gun
Mending Plates

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Soft Support Foam 18″ x 18″ x 2″ thick


Price: $17.99

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Step One

Wipe down and (if needed) sand and touch up chips on the chairs.

Paint the chairs with a good outdoor paint.  I used Curb Appeal, which is designed for doors but is also great for other outdoor items.  Two layers of paint was enough to cover the project.  I used a foam roller for the most of the paint, and then a smaller brush for the harder to reach places.

Spray Paint


Step Two

Measure a piece of foam to fit the base of the chair.  I use an electric meat cutter to cleanly cut foam cushions.  See this post for a video of how I use the cutter to trim foam.


Step Three

Cover the foam with the desired fabric.  I used a lightweight canvas fabric because it is sturdy and comfortable to sit on.

Fold the edges of the fabric in and staple in place.

Cover the staples with rope trim.  I used hot glue to quickly add the trim to the chair.

Step Four

Use mending plates to join the chairs.  First mark where the plates will go.  Drill pilot holes, then screw the plates in.  I added 4 plates to the bottom of the rocker and two plates to hold the arms together.