Comfy Kids Futon Lounger DIY

Categories: Bedding, Kid Friendly

Give kids a soft, comfy place to lounge on at your house! Cushion foam is the perfect base for this adjustable futon lounger. Kids can adjust it different ways for different uses, and the cube folds up neatly for easy storage.

What you need to make this project

Extra Support Foam 22″ x 22″ x 4″ thick (3 needed)
Zebra Cuddle Fabric
Colorful Cuddle Squares (Shannon Fabrics)

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Step One

Cut the zebra fabric to the following dimensions:

Two 23′ squares

Two rectangles 45′ by 23′

Sew the cuddle fabric squares together to create a row of color. Cut the squares in half. You will need three 90′ ribbons that are 5″ wide.

Step Two

Begin with one square and one rectangle of zebra fabric. Pin the colorful strip so that it adjoins the rectangle with the rectangle on three sides. Sew the edges together.

Repeat this process with the other rectangle and squares of fabric.

Line the two pieces up so that a square is on the top right side and the other square is on the lower left side.

Pin the colorful strip to adjoin the zebra fabric and sew.

Step Three

Flip the cushion covers inside out. The two ends will be sewn on three sides and the middle section will still be open on at least two sides.

Slide the cushions into the fabric pockets. There are three cushions: front, middle, end.

Step Four

Pin the rest of the fabric together to seal off the cushion foam. Hand sew the edges together.

Step Five

This fun lounger can be stored easily as a cube or used for seating. Unfold one section to create a floor recliner seat. Open the futon completely to make a comfy bed to lounge on.