Coiled Woolen Basket

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  • Stylish, charming and functional, our Coiled Woolen Basket is a breeze to make. The Tough Loop 100% merino wool is the perfect texture and offers natural highlights from its variegated muted shades. Weaving skills are not necessary as this amazing basket is fastened together with hot glued over a form made from Stiffen interfacing.

What you need to make this project

1 yd. Fairfield® Stiffen – One Sided Interfacing
Loopy Mango® Tough Loop 100% Merino Wool – Oatmeal
½ yd. Solid or Printed Fabric for Lining (if desired)
Tulip® COLORLAB Chunky Weight Cotton Yarn
Tulip® Blue Dye-21547 FDY OSPTK Cold Blue
Zip Lock® Bag

Download Pattern

Fiskars® Non-Stick 8” Scissors
Pattie Wack® Large Pompom Maker
Hot Glue Gun w/Glue Sticks
Iron w/Cotton Setting Cloth

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Stiffen Double Sided Fusible Interfacing 20″ Wide X 10 Yard Roll

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Step One

Download our suggestions to assist with dying the chunky cotton yarn. Dying process will take 6 to 8 hours. Air dry time 3 to 6 hours depending on location. Yarn must be completely dry before the pompom can be made.

For making the coiled woolen basket cut two 9” circles from the Stiffen material to create the baskets base.  We used a salad plate for the 8.75″ circular pattern. Keep in mind the base size will determine the width of the basket.  Increase or decrease size to fit you needs.

Step Two

Step 2

For our basket, we wanted to show the white Stiffen form inside.  If no liner fabric is being used, stack the two Stiffen circles, adhesive sides together.  Place circles on a heat safe surface. Set iron to the cotton setting with steam.  We use a damp setting cloth over the Stiffen circles before pressing and fusing pieces together.

If you prefer to line your basket cut a 10” circle from the liner fabric you have chosen. Follow the fusing instructions below

Stack the circles in this order.

  1. Liner fabric print or finished side down, smooth out, no wrinkles.
  2. Stiffer circle adhesive side on top of liner fabric
  3. Last Stiffer circle covering 1st Stiffen circle adhesive side down.

Place stack on an ironing surface.  Place the damp cotton setting cloth over circle stack. Set iron on steam and proceed to iron over the setting cloth until the Stiffen circles are fused together.  Flip circle stack over and repeat ironing process until liner fabric is fused to Stiffen.  Cut off extra liner fabric.

Step Three

Determine how tall your basket will be.  Our is 10” tall.  Wrap the remaining piece of Stiffen around the Stiffen base just made.  Pull tightly so it fits around the base.  Add ¼” to allow for gluing pieces together.  Girth measurement should be Approx. 28.5”.  Total piece 28.5” x 10”.

Note: We didn’t get too mathematical with this.  We just wrapped the piece around the base, added ¼” and cut away excess.  We then measured the height of 10” made a pencil cutting line and cut.

Set piece aside.  If lining the basket, fuse the fabric to the adhesive side of this Stiffen form.

Step Four

To coil the base, find the center of the circle. Use the Loopy Mango Tough Loop Yarn from the ball (do not cut a certain length). Begin by coiling about 1” of yarn. Hot glue this beginning coil to the center of the base. Place a line of hot glue around the coil and slightly pull yarn over it.  ontinue this procedure until the base is covered with yarn. Pat down the recently glued yarn to ensure bond with glue.

Leave ¼’ to ½” of Stiffen edge showing (do not completely cover the base so sides can be attached. Note: Avoid hot glue from seeping out between the rows of yarn by slightly dragging the tip of the glue gun against the Stiffen. This will smear the glue to avoid seeping.

Step Five

Lay the base (coiled yarn side down) on a flat surface.  Put a 1” line of glue on the edge of the base.  Place one end of the side wall piece over the glue.  Hold till glue is set.  Continue gluing the side pieces around the base, keep taut.

To finish, glue the extra ¼” end over the back.  Glue the entire 10” length in place, support until glue sets.

Step Six

Turn the basket upside-down and place on a flat working surface. Continuing coiling the last row on the base.  Yarn will naturally begin to coil up the sides. Using the same gluing method, coil the sides of the basket.

Step Seven

To finish, angle cut the yarn and hot glue loose end to the top of the basket.  Embellish with two pieces of yarn wrapped around the basket (towards the top) and tied in a loose knot.

Step Eight


To finish, make a 3” pompom from the indigo cotton yarn and adhere with hot glue to side of knot.

Download our suggestions to assist with dying the chunky cotton yarn. Dying process will take 6 to 8 hours. Air dry time 3 to 6 hours depending on location. Yarn must be completely dry before the pompom can be made.