Charlie Brown Chevron Pillow Tutorial

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This easy Charlie Brown inspired chevron pillow is perfect for any Peanut fan!  The Charlie Brown pillow has been designed to look like Charlie’s signature chevron sweater, and is especially at home in a collection of pillows with contrasting pillows made for licensed Peanuts fabric.  This is a great project for a beginning sewist with some basic sewing skills under their belt.

What you need to make this project

16-in Home Elegance® Pillow Insert or use PolyFil®
1/8 Yard Piece of Smooth® Fusible Fleece Interlining (Optional)
2 Bags PolyFil® (or use 16" Pillow Inserts)

Download Pattern

Chevron Applique Template
1/2 yard Bright Yellow 100% Cotton Fabric
1/8 yard Black 100% Cotton Fabric
Paper Backed Fusible Web
Black Thread (required) & Yellow Thread (optional)
Rotary Cutter and Mat (Optional)

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Poly-Fil® Premium Fiber Fill 12 ounce Bag


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Step One

From  your yellow fabric, cut out two 17″ squares from your solid yellow fabric.

Step Two

Print out the Chevron template.  You will need to print it out twice and tape it together at the dotted lines.  Trace the chevron template onto the papery side if your paper-backed fusible web.  Cut out.  Iron onto your black fabric.  Cut out again.


Step Three

Peel the papery backing off your chevron strip.


Step Four

Carefully position your chevron strip onto the front of your pillow.  You may want to use a ruler to make sure it’s centered.


Step Five

Iron securely, following manufacturer’s instructions for using paper-backed fusible web.

036 Charlie Brown Pillow

Step Six

Cut a piece of Smooth ® interlining to fit just a bit over the chevron.  Following manufacturer’s instructions, iron onto the BACK of your fabric.  This will be in the same place as your chevron but on the opposite side.  Make sure the rough side is facing down (toward your yellow fabric.)

038 Charlie Brown Pillow

Step Seven

Using a tight zigzag or satin stitch on your sewing machine, stitch along both sides of your chevron covering the edges, so edges will not fray.

046-Charlie-Brown-Pillow 041-Charlie-Brown-Pillow 039-Charlie-Brown-Pillow

Step Eight

With RIGHT sides facing in, pin the front and back of your pillow together.  Stitch around all four sides leaving an 10″ opening if you’re using a pillow form, or a 4-5 inch opening if you’re using PolyFil®.

042-Charlie-Brown-Pillow-Pi 043-Charlie-Brown-Pillow-Se 045-Charlie-Brown-Pillow-Le

Step Nine

Clip the corners before turning right side out.


Add pillow insert or PolyFil® and hand-stitch the opening closed.

Step Ten

And enjoy!