Candy Pillow Ball

Category: Pillow

This no-sew Candy Pillow Ball project is the perfect wrapper for a pillow ball. Sweet!


Project Note: Information in ( ) indicates alternate size.

What you need to make this project

10” (12”) diameter Soft Touch Round Pillow Ball
44” x 40” (48” x 45”) no-fray fabric such as fleece
2 heavy duty rubber bands
2-4 yards decorative ribbon (as desired)

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Step One

Place fabric on table horizontally with right side facing down.

Step Two

Fold fabric edges toward the center about 8 inches for each side.

Step Three

Wrap fabric around the pillow ball by placing the ball in center of fabric near the top edge and rolling the ball and fabric toward you.

Step Four

Gather the fabric on each side and secure with rubber bands.

Step Five

Decorate with ribbon by layering strips from end to end. All ends can be gathered up into rubber band and then tied off with additional ribbon (to hide rubber band).