Candy Land Reading Bulletin Board with Oly-Fun

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Oly-Fun makes a great material for bulletin boards.  It’s easy to cut and staple through, but unlike paper it WON’T fade or tear.  Oly-Fun comes in so many bright colors we thought it was perfect to use for a Candy Land themed bulletin board to help encourage and track reading.

What you need to make this project

Oly-Fun™ Craft Sheets or Craft Packs in a Variety of Colors
Candland or Candy Themed Printouts for accents

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Step One

Cut out lots of wedge shapes that are curved slightly at the top and the bottom.  The number of wedges will depend on how many places you need and how big a space you’re trying to fill.


When I did these, I actually made the path, and then at the end, we figured out how many points each space would be worth.  The kids can earn up to 0.5 points per book, but may earn less than that if they miss some questions, so in one class, we made each spot worth 0.3 points.  I wrote the point numbers in the corner of each wedge.  That way a student will move forward at leave one spot for each book they read and take a test on.

Use Oly-Fun to Make a Candy Land Reading Bulletin Board

The other teacher was teaching a lower reading group where she anticipated the kids making slower progress, so we varied the points each space was worth.  At the beginning the spaces were wroth 0.1 points each, then 0.2 points each, then 0.3 for the middle and 0.5 at the end.  That way the kids could see their progress more at the beginning as they were just getting used to taking the reading tests.


Step Two

As  you staple the wedges up, you’ll want to overlap them a bit.  You’ll get most of the curved look of the path by varying the amount you overlap the wedges.

Use Oly-Fun to Make a Candy Land Reading Bulletin Board

Use Oly-Fun to Make a Candy Land Reading Bulletin Board

Step Three

And for some extra fun, you can print out Candy Land themed graphics to add to your board.  For some extra motivation factor, the kids earn different treats at different points along the path.