Butterfly Pillow

Categories: Decor, Pillow

Oh this is just so pretty — a colorful Butterfly Pillow to dress up a fun chair, couch or room.

Use fiberfill to it’s advantage to make this pillow lush and plump.


What you need to make this project

Bag of Poly-Fil® Fiberfill

Download Pattern

1/2 yard of fabric for Butterfly Body
4" wide x 6ft long strip of fabric for Butterfly Side
Coordinating fabric for to make piping
6/32" Cotton Filler Cord 12 ft long

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Step One

Download Pattern Sheet.

Cut out one Back Piece and one Front Body Piece.

Step Two

Make 2 strips of piping:

a. Cut fabric strips 2″ wide by 6ft long.

b. Lay cord inside fabric and fold down.

c. Baste stitch along open end 1/4″ from edge.

Step Three

Lay one body piece flat.  Starting on one side of the body, align the edge of the piping to the edge of the body piece (leaving the top 1″ of the piping free).

Sew the piping onto body piece 1/2″ from edge.

Trim the end of piping leaving an extra 1″ free at end.

Step Four

Starting at the opposite side of body, align the edge of the side strip with the edge of the piping/body and sew together 1/2″ from edge.  Leave 1″ of both ends of strip free.

Sew 2nd piping piece to 2nd body piece.

Step Five

Sew the two pieces together all the way around (leaving the strip ends open).  Remember to snip around the edges of all pieces to prevent puckering.

Step Six

Insert stuffing through the opening at the side strip.  Use a stuffing tool (i.e., wooden dowel or chopstick) to reach edges.

Handstitch the stuffing hole closed.