Boxing the corners of a bag,tote or purse

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Have you ever wondered how to get those crisp ‘boxed corners and nice flat bottoms” on your projects. Here is a step by step tutorial on just how to get that perfect corner and bottom finish on your next project. We are going to use the cute little treat bags above as an example. They are fast and fun and complete directions will be featured on

Let’s get started on ‘boxing that corner’

What you need to make this project


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Step One

Fold the project to form a point by matching the bottom seam with the side seam (if no side seam is available, before starting press a line along each of the sides of the bag). Place a pin through both layers of fabric. Using a ruler, align it perfectly with the center of the bottom seam, measuring up from the point. The measurement will change depending on the project. In this case. I measured 1 1/2 inches from the point.

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Step Two

Draw a line using a fabric marker. Repeat for opposite side of the bag.

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Step Three

Stitch through the marked lines and trim away the points, leaving a 1/4 to 1/2 inch seam.

Step Four

Turn right side out, flatten the bag or tote (if desired)  and press.