BOO Spider Web Pillow

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Greet your Halloween guests with this fun pillow, set on a chair outside your front door. Using oly-fun™, buttons and some contrasting stitching and the spider web pillow design will come to life before your eyes. No need to brush away those nasty cobwebs from the corners of your porch, these ones are guaranteed to stay where they are stitched.

What you need to make this project

Oly-fun™; Jet Black
Oly-fun™; Orange Crush
POLY-FIL® soft touch® pillow insert 18 inch
Stick fusible web
White Buttons; Eighteen – ½ inch, One - 1 ½ inch, One – ¾ inch
White and Black thread
Sewing Machine
Sizzix® Big Shot™ die cut machine
Sizzix® Alphabet dies
Non-stick pressing sheet
Sewing, Cutting, Measuring & Pressing tool and supplies

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Soft Touch® Pillow 18″ x 18″


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Stick Double Sided Fusible Interfacing 20″ Wide X 40 Yard Roll

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Step One

Cut the following from Jet Black Oly-fun™; one 19 inch square (pillow front) and two 14 inch x 19 inch rectangles (pillow back).
Step by Step diagrams have been provided;
BOO spider web pilllow

Step Two

Using the diagrams and project photo as a guide stitch the web & spider leg designs onto the pillow front using white thread. Diagram A

Step Three

Sew buttons to the cross points of the spider webs as desired. Stitch the large and medium size buttons on top of the spider legs to create the spider body. Diagram B

Step Four

Press Stick fusible web to the back of Orange Crush oly-fun™. Be sure to follow directions and use a non-stick crafting sheet. Using a set of alphabet dies and a Sizzix® die cut machine, cut out BOO! Press cutouts to the pillow front using the project photo as a guide for placement. Sew buttons inside each of the ‘O’ letters on the pillow front. Diagram C

Step Five

Turn under 2” along the 14” length right side of one of the pillow back rectangles and the left side of the second rectangle. Stitch to secure the fold. Diagram D

Step Six

With the pillow front right side up on a flat surface, align one of the pillow backs on top overlapping in the center. Diagram E

Step Seven

Stitch using a ½ inch seam. Turn right side out and press carefully. Diagram F