Boo Mummy Pillow

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We love this Boo Mummy Pillow and it was so much fun to make. We made ours for an 18 inch pillow but you could make it any size you want or make several for a whole mummy family. Wouldn’t they look cute lined up along your couch or how about along a bench on the front porch to greet your guests?

What you need to make this project

¼ yd. Black fabric
¾ yd. White fabric
3 yds. Orange ¼ inch grosgrain ribbon
1 18” x 18” Poly-fil® Basic pillow form
2 spooky eyes
Coordinating ribbon
Fabric glue
Sewing machine
Basic sewing supplies

Quick Shop


Step One

Cut two 18 ½ by 5 ¼ pieces of white fabric. Cut one 18 ½ by 8 piece of black. Sew the white fabric to the sides of the black fabric using ¼ seam allowance. This will become the base for the pillow front. Cut one 18 ½ by 18 ½ piece of white fabric for the pillow back.

Step Two

This is a good time to lay the front base fabric on a table and decide the placement of your strips. Now cut 2 ½ inch strips out of the rest of the white fabric at the lengths you will need to cross over the base material making them a little longer than the pillow’s edge. You will trim the edges when all the strips are attached.

Step Three

Once you have cut all your strips fold and iron a ¼ inch hem on all the long sides.

Step Four

Starting with the bottom layer of strips, tuck the orange ribbon under both sides of the white strips, pin and sew on to base fabric. Repeat this process with the other strips layer by layer till all the strips are attached. Now you can trim the edges of the strips to line up with the base fabric.


Step Five

Pin the front of the pillow to the back fabric with right sides facing in and sew using a ¼ inch seam allowance along three sides and leaving one side open. Turn right side out, insert pillow form, fold in edges of open end, pin, and sew closed.

Step Six

Glue on the spooky eyes and enjoy.

Variation: You can cut the strips at 2 inches wide and sew them on the base without the ribbon leaving the raw edges to fray a little.