Bohemian Sunrise

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Here Comes the Sun!
This Bohemian Sun wall hanging adds the perfect touch of whimsy to our walls. The black base beautifully contrasts with all of the vibrant prints in the room. The touches of gold add a hint of shimmer to our bohemian theme.

What you need to make this project

Household Utility Foam
Oly*fun Metallic Gold
Photo Copier
Craft Knife
Spray Glue
Glue Gun

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Step One

Find or freehand draw an outline of the sun on a piece of paper.
Enlarge on a photo copier… or if you are daring draw it right onto your piece of Household Utility Foam.

(We used a round plate as the center of our sun and then drew the sunbeams on freehand from the circular center. We love the free flowing “Bohemian” Look.)

Step Two

Once the outline of the sun has been traced onto the Household Foam, you can begin cutting out your design with either scissors or a craft knife. We found a #11 craft knife to be very easy to manage.

Step Three

Once your sun shape has been cut out, you can begin to decorate.

Add some shimmer to your sun!
We used Oly*fun metallic gold  for accents in the sun rays, and then gave our sun a personality by adhering a simple paper printout of a face, cut to a circular shape.

Finally your can add a hanger on the back with a glue gun and yarn and
hang your whimsical, bohemian sun for all to enjoy!