DIY Boat Shaped Cooler for Entertaining

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Turn a wood shelf that is shaped like a boat into a waterproof, insulated drink cooler.

What you need to make this project

Solarize Liner Fabric Craft Pack (3)
White PUL Fabric
Wood Boat Shelf (Darice Crafts)
Craft Paint: White and Metallic Silver
Metallic Lustre: Silver Spark and Black Shimmer
Staple gun
Craft Sponge

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Solarize Liner Fabric Craft Pack


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Step One

Paint the body of the ship with silver metallic paint. Paint the trim with white paint.  Let the paint dry completely.
Use a craft sponge to dab Black Shimmer metallic lustre over the ship’s hull.  Clean the sponge and dab Silver Spark over the ship.  This will help create a galvanized metal effect. I love the faux paint finish technique…it’s one of my favorites.

Step Two

Measure the dimensions of each section of the ship.  For this particular ship from Darice, the largest box was 7 inches square and 5 inches deep.  The next one was 7 x6x5, and the triangle was 5 inches at the widest  point.
Use a ruler to draw the dimensions of the “box” on the fabric.  You will create a shape that looks like a plus sign.

Step Three

Cut the PUL fabric and the Solarize liner.  Pin them together.

Step Four

Pin and stitch the edges together to create boxes to place inside the shelves of the boat.

Step Five

When the compartments are ready, stitch the three “boxes” together where they meet.

Step Six

Fold the edges of the fabric over and use a staple gun to attach the liner to the wood boat.  Staple synthetic silver trim over the staples to create a more polished look.