Bench Makeover: A Simple DIY

Make a dated thrift store bench look modern and luxurious again!  This is a great DIY for beginners.  Project Foam is a great base for any thrift store furniture makeover.

What you need to make this project

Project Foam
Rose Cuddle Fabric in Camel from Shannon Fabric
Chalk Paint in Lace from DecoArt
Staple Gun
Electric Meat Cutter

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Project Foam – 24″ x 4 Yds. x 2″ thick


Price: $99.99

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Step One

Remove the seat from the bench.  Unscrew the pieces holding the top in place to take the bench apart.
Paint the base of the bench.  I love to use chalk paint because you don’t need to prime or prepare your surface. Paint the surface, let it dry, then paint it again.  Two applications is usually enough for even coverage.  If you think the surface will be handled a lot, seal the paint finish with varnish or a spray on matte sealer.

Step Two

Remove the old fabric and foam from the bench cover. This can be the most time consuming part of the project if there are lots of staples to remove!

Step Three

 Trace the wood base of the bench onto the Project Foam roll.  I like to use a permanent marker for this.
Cut out the foam.  A great tool for cutting foam precisely is an electric meat cutting tool.  I have an old meat cutter that I only use for foam.  Carefully follow the lines traced in step five to cut the foam.

Step Four

 Place the Cuddle fabric right side down on your work surface, and lay the foam piece with the board on top.  Start with the corners, pull down and staple the fabric in place.  Continue with the sides until the fabric is attached to the bottom of the wood board.
Cut a piece of fabric to cover the wood base.  Staple it in place.
Reassemble the bench.

Step Five

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