Beautiful Bolster

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A stylish Bolster Pillow can add comfort and color to any room. We have used a bright, bold patterned outdoor fabric in our example. Sure to a vibrant touch to any patio or sunroom.

What you need to make this project

Soft Touch® Neck Roll

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Soft Touch® Neck Roll Pillow 5″ x 14″


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Prepare Piping

Make piping cover using long strips of fabric cut to 11/2” wideSew ends on angle to create seam for longer strip Wrap material around bare cord and stitch closed leaving slightly more than 1/4” of fabric to attach to pillow.


Attach piping to fabric rectangle.

Position piping on right side of long edge of fabric. Align unfinished edge of piping with edge of material. (cord of the piping facing toward fabric) Attach by stitching along the existing seam of piping. Do this on both long sides. 



With right sides together, pin un-piped edges of material togetherStitch in from each edge, leaving a 7” opening in center. Keep inside out, and pin fabric circles to each end. Attach circle ends by stitching in place slightly inside the stitching line used for piping. Do this for both ends.



Clip any lose threads and turn pillow cover right side to. Insert Fairfield SoftTouch® Pillow Form through opening adjusting position as necessary to fill out the cover.Pin opening closed, folding in slightly to create a finished edge. Hand or machine stitch to close pillow.* If you want to have a zipper closure, you may choose to allow a bit more fabric for the length of your roll. 

Click here to download instructions.