Bar Stool

Categories: Decor, Cushions

Bar stools add extra seating in your man cave but you also want them to stay in theme with the color palette.  It’s easy to recover bar stools especially using Fairfield’s cushion foam rounds.

What you need to make this project

Cushion Foam Rounds
Cushion Wrap
Decorator Fabric
accent fabric
Staple Gun
existing stools to be recovered

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Cushion Wrap 30″ wide by 10 ft


Price: $22.99

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16″ Round Cushion Foam – 1″ Thick Cushions, Set of Four


Price: $29.99

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Step One

Measure out the size of your cushion. Mark with a pen and simply, cut the foam rounds to the size that fits the base. Because these are thin you can cut them with good scissors.

Step Two

Using spray glue, attach the foam round to the base of stool.
You can easily customize your cushion height by layer the foam.
You can use one, two or even three, using spray adhesive between each layer.

Step Three

Cover the foam cushions and base with cohesive fabric from your room decor. Staple the fabric it onto the wood base, gathering neatly as you go around the seat.

Step Four

For a finished look cover the bottom of the base with a coordinating fabric.

Step Five

By covering your stools with the cohesive color selection you are pulling the room together, and with the additional padding you’re making the bar stools extra lux…and extra padding means extra comfort and that means happy people.