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Giving from the heart is so important these days, giving something homemade to friends, family and your community makes giving extra special. With social media making such an enormous impact in our lives these days it is not difficult to be connected yet feel far away from everyone. A warm batch of cookies says love. Why not take it a step further and dress them up in these clever fabric loaf pans? It is really  ‘no-sew’ simple when using Eileen Hull’s newest die – loaf pan #659873 from Sizzix.

What you need to make this project

Stiffen - double sided fusible rigid backing,
#659873 loaf pan die, Sizzix Big Shot die cutting machine
basic cutting tools, glue gun or fabric glue dots, parchment paper (optional)

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Step One

Place fabric on either side of the Stiffen – double faced fusible rigid backing and press. Read the direction’s provided by the manufacturer to assure a perfect result.

Following the directions provided by Sizzix, place the fused fabric and die onto the cutting plates and run through the Sizzix machine.

  • IMG_5986-300x200

Step Two

You will notice that you have options as to how to fold the cut out. Choose the desired result and attach sides of the loaf pans using either a glue gun

  • IMG_5994-300x200

Step Three

In the photo above the Baking Wraps were made with fabric on either side of the fusible center. You may want to line the finished wraps with parchment paper to absorb any baking grease. To do this simply run a number of layers of parchment paper through the die cut machine at one time (one layer of parchment paper is sometimes to thin for a good result) and then form the liners. Place them  inside the wraps before filling with cookies or other baked items.