Astronaut Bag with Aluminor

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A fun trick-or-treating bag can be more than just a handy place to hold your treats.  It can also add to your costume.  Your little astronaut will be thrilled with the futurist look of this Aluminor™ space shuttle bag.

What you need to make this project

1/2 Yard Aluminor™ in Silver
1 Space Shuttle Glider from Oriental Trading Company
Glue Gun and Glue
Tread and sewing machine

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Step One

Follow the the directions on my Pieces by Polly blog for making a 20-Minute Trick-or-Treating bag to make your basic bag.


Step Two

We used one of these space shuttle foam gliders from Oriental Trading Company for our embellishment. Cut one side of the wing off, leaving just enough for it to attach to the main body.



Glue well with low-temp hot glue, both around the wing and across the body.


Apply to your bag at an upward angle.


Step Three

Now have fun trick-or-treating…

029-astronaut-bag 041-astronaut-bag 038-astronaut-bag

Step Four

And if you have an astronaut at your house this year, don’t forget the boots.  See our easy no-sew Astronaut Boot tutorial here.

These easy Astronaut Boots make the perfect Astronaut costume accessory.