Astronaut Moon Boots - Halloween Costume Accessory

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Most costumes are pretty bare bones and don’t come with many of the accessories they need.  The right costume accessories can take a good Halloween costume and turn it into a great one.  These easy silver moon boots with Aluminor™ will be the perfect touch with your astronaut costume or other costumes as well.

What you need to make this project

1 Yard Aluminor™ in Silver
1/8 Yard Aluminor™ in Gold (optional)
1 Pair Old Snow boots slightly over-sized for your child
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks
Binder Clips

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Step One

Gather your supplies.  We used an old pair of big brother’s snow boots that were not in good enough shape to be worth saving for my younger son to grow into.  The thrift store is a great place to look for boots to transform.


Cut your Aluminor­™ material into approximately these two shapes.  You need one to cover the upper part of the boot and down toward the anklewith a cutout for the toe.  Then you need a second piece to cover the toe and wrap around under the foot and behind the heel.  It’s better to cut them a little big and trim later, than to cut them too small.


Step Two

Cover the upper part of the boot first, using plenty of glue.  You should have some extra extending over the top of the boot.

003-astronaut-boots 005-astronaut-boots 007-astronaut-boots

Fold the extra down inside the boot.  Glue well and add binder clips to hold in place while the glue is still hot.

014-astronaut-boots 015-astronaut-boots

Step Three

Cover the toe part of the boot.  Make sure there is Aluminor™ extends beyond the bottom of the boot.


Cut notches out of the Aluminor™ and fold over and glue to the base of the boot.  (This is to remove some of the bulk.)  It’s okay if it looks a little messy.  We’ll cover it in the next step.


Step Four

Cut two pieces of Aluminor™ just smaller than the sole of the boot.  We liked the look of adding gold Aluminor™, but you could easily use the same silver.  Glue to cover the messiness on the bottom of the boot.

019-astronaut-boots 021-astronaut-boots

Step Five

And once the glue cools, you’re ready to add your boots to your costume!

These easy Astronaut Boots make the perfect Astronaut costume accessory.

These easy Astronaut Boots make the perfect Astronaut costume accessory.

The pattern for the Solar System Quilt can be found here.