Asian Scene Pillow

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These Asian Influence toile fabric pillows are enhanced with paints, glitter and sequins to create a whimsical look. By embellishing them even more with fur and tassels they fit perfectly with our bohemian style bedroom.

What you need to make this project

24” X 24” Soft Touch® Pillow Fairfield
25” X 25” Asian toile Fabric
25” X 25” Denim Fabric
Curly Yak Fur Rosewood- Shannon Fabrics
1 Skein Chunky Cotton Yarn- Tulip
Fuchsia One Step Dye- Tulip
Azalea, Cornflower, White & Orange- Tulip Matte Fabric Paint
Feldspar, Golden Beryl and Charoite MS Acrylic Glitter Paint
Crystal- Scribblers Fabric Glitter- Tulip
Small Sequins
Fiskars Non-Stick 8” Scissors
Fiskars Cutting Mat 24” x 36”
Fiskars Folding Acrylic Ruler 6 X 24
Sewing Machine
Pattie Wack Large Tassel Maker
#4 & #6 Round Paint Brushes

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Soft Touch® Pillow 24″ x 24″


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Step One

Cut the denim and toile fabric to measure 25” x 25” using the rotary cutter, acrylic ruler and cutting mat. Note: Before cutting the toile fabric, find the area of the pattern you would like as the center of the pillow top. Make cuts according to this placement. Set the denim piece aside. Lay the toile fabric on a flat surface.

Step Two

On an aluminum foil palette, mix the orange and white paint together (1 drop of orange to 2 drops of white) to create a light flesh tone. Thin the light flesh color with water and brush onto face, and hands.

Step Three

Select additional part of the fabric pattern to highlight with color. Mix paint with water and lightly brush color onto the fabric. Let dry.

Step Four

Brush glitter accents to add sparkly highlights to the toile design.

Step Five

Embellish areas of the toile design with sequins. Use the Scribblers crystal as the glue.



Step Six

Set painted and embellished fabric aside to dry.


Step Seven

Sew the Curly Yak fur trim to the denim fabric.


Step Eight

Place the denim with fur trim and embellished toile fabric together. Pin. Stitch together using a 1/2” seam allowance. Follow the instructions for sewing faux fur. Leave a 10” opening on one side for pillow form to be inserted.

Step Nine

Turn the pillow case right side out. Shake the pillow to fluff the fur trim. Insert the pillow. Be sure corners are in place. Hand stitch the opening closed.


Step Ten

For Tassel Pillow

Place the toile fabric on top of the denim fabric (right sides together). Using a 1/2” seam allowance, stitch the pillow case together. Leave a 10” opening on one side so pillow can be inserted. Turn the pillow case right side out.

Step Eleven

Stitch a decorative straight stitch around the edge of the pillow. Again, use a ½” seam allowance. Note: Add this decorative straight stitch to the open end after pillow form has been inserted and opening stitched shut.

Insert pillow into case. Hand stitch opening closed then top stitch the decorative straight stitch, by machine, around all edges.


Step Twelve

Make 4 large tassels using the tassel maker and the pink cotton yarn. Sew one tassel to each corner of the pillow. Embellish the cinched area of the tassel by gluing sequins around it.