Animal Themed Gift Wrap

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Your gift recipients will be delighted to receive a gift in a cute, whimsical animal theme! Oly-Fun is so much better than gift wrap because it won’t tear or rip, thus keeping curious little ones from peeking at what’s inside!


What you need to make this project

Stiffen One Sided Fusible Interfacing
Oly-Fun Metallic Gold
Oly-Fun Craft Pack Orange Crush
Oly-Fun Craft Pack Hot Fudge
Oly-Fun Craft Pack in Jet Black
Eileen Hull Gift Bag Die Cut
White Faux Fur from Shannon Fabrics
Hot Glue Gun
Gift Boxes
Xyron Sticker Maker

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Step One

Penguin gift wrap:
1.  Wrap the box with black Oly-Fun fabric. Strong packing tape or duck tape will work, or use a low temp glue gun. Wrap the box just as you would with wrapping paper.
2. Cut a strip of Oly-Fun to make a scarf for the penguin. Cut fringe ends on the scarf, and tie it around the wrapped box.
3. Cut two white circles to make eyes, and cut an orange triangle to make a beak.  Use the sticker maker to add adhesive to the small pieces, and stick them on the penguin box. Use a black permanent marker to draw in the eyes.
4. Cut two orange feet for the penguin, and hot glue them to the bottom of the box.

Step Two

Rudolph Gift Wrap
1. Wrap the box with brown Oly-Fun fabric.
2.  Cut a red circle to make the nose, as well as white circles for the eyes. Use the sticker maker to attach the pieces to the box. Draw in the eyeballs with a marker.
3. Cut antlers from metallic Oly-Fun fabric. Hot glue them to the box.
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Step Three

Fox Gift Wrap
1.  Wrap the box in orange Oly-Fun fabric.
2.  Cut two curvy triangles to glue on as pictured.
3. Cut black circles for the eyes and nose.
4. Cut orange triangle ears and an orange tail.  Add white triangles as accents. Hot glue the ears and tail to the box.
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Step Four

Snow Bunny Gift Bag
1.  Die cut the gift bag from Stiffen Interfacing. Glue the sides together to make the bag.
2. Cut faux fur to fit the outer sections of the bag. Use hot glue to attach the fur pieces.
3.  Cut eyes, nose and mouth from black Oly-Fun fabric. Cut pink circles for cheeks. Hot glue everything on.
4. Cut out ears and hot glue them on.
5. Glue a handle to finish the bag.