Air Plant Terrariums with Poly-Pellets®

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Air Plant Terrariums are fast and easy to make.  Adding Poly Pellets® to your terrariums will add visual texture and make arranging your air plants easier.  If you haven’t heard of air plants before, they take in their moisture by absorption through their skin when you immerse them in water couple times a week or from lightly spritzing their leaves.  Because of that they are NOT planted in dirt and the ways to arrange, display, and enjoy them are endless.  They are wonderful for brightening up your home, make great gifts, and centerpieces.

What you need to make this project

1 Bag Poly-Fil® Poly Pellets®
Assorted Colored Glass Pepples
Assorted Glass or other containers

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Step One

Gather your supplies.  I was able to find many of the items at my local dollar store.  The dollar store had a variety of glass containers and some glass pebbles.  It get a broader assortment of glass pebble colors, you’ll need to go to a craft store.  Poly-Pellets® can be found at nearly all craft and sewing stores.  My air plants came from this site (affiliate link) but there are lots of places to find them online.  You may also find them locally if you have a large garden store.


Step Two

Experiment with layering different types and colors of pebbles and layers of Poly-Pellets®.

003-Air-Plant-Terrariums 004-Air-Plant-Terrariums


Step Three

Since air plants aren’t rooted the same way as other plants, it can be difficult to keep them standing upright.  By placing them in portion with the Poly-Pellets® you’ll find it easy to arrange them.

019-Air-Plant-Terrariums 011-Air-Plant-Terrariums005-Air-Plant-Terrariums


Air Plant Terrariums