2015 Technique BOM - Binding the Quilt

Category: Quilts

Binding a quilt is the final step in completing it. We’ll take you through the steps of putting the binding on your quilt.

What you need to make this project

Fabric for binding

Quick Shop

To bind your quilt, first you need to cut your binding strips. Cut 2″ strips of binding – make sure you have more than enough to go all the way around the quilt. When in doubt, cut another strip.

Stitch the strips together on the bias to make one long strip.

stitch binding together

Press strip in half lengthwise to prepare your binding.

press binding strips

Trim the excess batting and backing from the quilt, and square up the quilt.

trim and square up quilt

Put the raw edge of the binding against the raw edge of the quilt. Leave a 10 tail of binding unsewn, then stitch the binding in place using a 1/4″ seam allowance. The binding is sewn to the front of the quilt.


stitch binding on with machine

When you get to a corner, fold the binding away from the quilt.

fold binding to outside

Then fold it back towards the quilt.

fold binding back

Fold the flap out of the way, then stitch all the way to the corner.

stitch to edge

Lift the needle and presser foot, turn the quilt 90 degrees, move the flap back, and continue stitching.

continue stitching

When you get back to the beginning of the binding, don’t stitch all the way up. Leave 10″ of the quilt without binding.

Trim one end of the binding at a 45 degree angle. Line up with the other end of the binding, and mark the cut end.

mark end of binding

Cut the other end of the binding 1/2″ away from the mark (1/2″ longer).

Put the two ends right sides together, with 1/4″ tails hanging off each end. Stitch together.

complete binding

Press seam open.

open seam

Stitch down this last part of the binding.

machine on binding

We are going to hand-stitch the binding down. If you’d like to stitch the binding by machine, you can find instructions at the end of the instructions for the play mat.

Use clips to clip the binding around to the back. You don’t have to clip the whole quilt – a couple feet at a time is fine.

clip down binding

Thread your needle. Start by securing the thread. A knot can work, but easier (and more secure) is three stitches in place in the seam allowance of the binding.

bring up thread

Stitch the binding down using small stitches right outside the stitching line that is holding the binding to the quilt.

keep stitching on binding

Go all the way around the quilt, then you are done!

You can add a label to your quilt with your name, the name of the person you made the quilt for, and the date you finished the quilt. You can add other fun information to the label if you like – such as a quote, the city you live in, the pattern you used… whatever you think is memorable about the quilt!