2015 Block of the Month - Month 8

Category: Quilts

Four Drunkard’s Path blocks come together to make this circle block. Four curved seams and three straight seams are all it takes to make this block, where all the pieces are cut to size using templates.

What you need to make this project

10" squares (or larger) of 4-8 fabrics

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Select the 8 fabrics you want to use for this project. If you like, you can use 4 fabrics on the inside, and the same 4 fabrics alternated on the outside, or you can choose 8 different fabrics.
Using the Dresden Plate templates, cut 4 outer curves and inner curves.

cut pieces

Lay out your fabrics to determine placement.

lay out block

Fold each outer curve and inner curve in half. Pinch to create a small crease in the middle. You can use this crease to help line up the fabrics as you stitch.

press in half

Place the inner curve right side up under the presser foot. Match up the outer curve, right side down. Make sure the edges meet up at the presser foot. The rest will not match up at all… yet.

line up seam edges

Slowly begin to stitch. As you stitch, gently guide the top fabric into place. Don’t overstretch it!

guide curve

When you reach the halfway point, you’ll see that the two guide creases line up (or fairly close).

gently guide curve

Continue to gently guide the curve under the presser foot until you reach the end. Press the seam towards the outer curve.

press seam out

If you need, square up the quarters, just like we did with the Dresden Plate last month. If you use the Cuddle fabric, you’ll find that you need to square it up, because Shannon Cuddle has a little stretch, which shows up when you stitch the curve.

Stitch the quarters together to make halves. Then stitch the halves together to make a whole.

cuddle block

One more month, and then we start putting the quilt together!