2015 Block of the Month - Month 6

Categories: Kid Friendly, Quilts

Children love playing with buttons! Make a fun cloud, mud puddle, or flower block with pieces that can be pulled on and off using buttons and button holes.

What you need to make this project

Stiffen (fusible interfacing)
Fabric (details below)

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This month you have three fun block options to choose from. You only need to make one. You can make a cloud block, which would be perfect with bird or airplane buttons, a mud puddle block, which pairs with car, truck, or tractor buttons, and a flower block, which provides you with lots of options for choosing fun buttons.

Pattern for clouds or mud puddles

Pattern for flower and leaf

making button holes

Once you’ve decided on your block, print out the corresponding template. Either the Flower template or the cloud and mud puddle template. For the flower template, you’ll need to cut 4 flowers (two in reverse) and 1 leaf. For the clouds, you’ll need to cut 6 (three in reverse), and for the mud puddles, you’ll need to cut four (two in reverse).

supplies for button block

Start with the background for your chosen block.

For the cloud block, cut a 12.5″x12.5″ background square.

For the mud puddle bock, cut two 12.5″x6.5″ background pieces, and stitch together.

For the flower block, cut:
Background: One – 12.5″x4.5″; Three – 8.5″x3.5″; One – 2″x2.5″
Stems: One – 6.5×2″; One – 8.5×2″

Stitch the 2×2.5″ piece to the top of the 6.5×2″ piece.

You now have 5 columns for the stems and background. Stitch together one 8.5″ x3.5″ piece to the right of each of the stem pieces. Press seams to the side.

Stitch these two together. Press seams to the side.

Add the last 8.5″x3.5″ piece on the left. Press seams to the side.

Stitch the 12.5″x4.5″ piece to the top. Press seam up, towards this last background piece. Add a leaf using the applique technique learned in month 4.

applique leaf

Make your flowers, clouds, or mud puddles:

You have already cut the required fabric pieces. Now cut one interfacing piece for each, using the INNNER line on the template. Fuse to the center, on the wrong side of the fabric. You need one interfacing piece for every two fabric pieces.

clip and turn

Place fabric right sides together, stitch all the way around leaving a 1.5″ hole for turning. Use pinking shears to cut around the edges. This eliminates the need to clip all the curves.

Turn right side out, carefully tucking in the seam allowance around the hole. Top stitch all the way around, very close to the edge. This will close the hole and give a finished look.

top stitch edge

Once you’ve made all your flowers or clouds or mud puddles, we are ready for the button holes! Place your button on the piece. With a marking pencil, mark the top and bottom of the button.

mark button

Some machines have a special button hole foot that makes stitching a button hole easier. If you have a machine with this foot, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If not, you can make a button hole using a basic zig-zag stitch.

Start at the top mark. Make a few stitches 1/4″ with the stitch length on 0.

Adjust the stitch width to just under 1/8″, raise the stitch length up a notch, and start stitching in the direction of the second mark.

stitch button hole

When you reach the second mark, adjust the stitch width back to 1/4″, and the stitch length to 0. Stitch 5-8 stitches.
Bring the stitch width back down to 1/8″, raise the stitch length up a notch, and either stitch BACKWARDS, or flip the fabric around to stitch back towards your top line.

When you reach the top line, bring the stitch width back to 1/4″, and the stitch length to 0. Stitch 5-8 stitches in place. Cut your thread.

With small sharp scissors, carefully cut open the button hole.

button hole

Check to make sure the button slips through.

You will want to wait until after the quilt has been quilted to stitch the buttons in place. For now, put the buttons and the clouds/mud puddles/flowers in a zip-top sandwich bag and set aside. You will attach them after quilting.

If you like, you can pin them in place for now to see how your block looks.

make a flower block

To stitch on the buttons:

Using a hand needle and thread, stitch 3-5 stitches in place.

secure thread

Thread the button onto the needle, bring towards the fabric, then stitch down the other hole, back up the fabric up the first hole, and back down the other hole again. Repeat 8-9 times. The final time, bring the needle up through the fabric, but not up through the button hole. Wrap the thread around base of the button 3 times, then cut.

secure button