2015 Block of the Month - Month 5

Category: Quilts

For month 5 of the Fairfield 2015 Block of the Month, we’ll be making pockets. This month we’ll make two blocks again – one zippered pocket, and one with a flap. If you prefer, you can make one block twice instead of one of each block.

What you need to make this project

Stiffen (interfacing)
fabric (see requirements below)

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This month, we’ll be making two blocks. If you prefer one pocket over the other, you can make two of the same pocket, or you can make one of each. We’ll start with the zippered pocket, then make the pocket with the flap.

solid zipper block

For the zippered pocket, you’ll need an 8″ zipper in a coordinating or contrasting color, and the following fabrics:

background (red):
2 pieces – 3″x12.5″
2 pieces – 3″x7.5″

center (orange)
2 piece – 7.5″x9″

zipper pocket block supplies

Place one center piece on top of the zipper. The edge of the zipper should line up with the 7.5″ edge of the fabric. Stitch in place using a zipper foot.

zipper in place

Press the fabric to the size, with the zipper exposed. Topstitch the fabric in place.

topstitch zipper in place

Place the second center piece, right side up, underneath the zipper, with a background 3″x7.5″ piece on top, right side down. The edges should line up with the edge of the zipper. Stitch in place.

start adding borders

Press the background (red) fabric to the side, but leave the center fabric in place.

Using a large square ruler, trim the center so that it is 7.25″ long from the inner edge of the background (red) fabric. Cut through both layers. Do NOT trim the sides.

trim up pocket

Add the other 3″x7.5″ piece to the opposite side. You will be stitching it to both the center pieces. Press open. Add the top border, then the bottom border, ignoring the excess zipper that extends beyond the seam allowance. But be sure to bring the zipper pull to the center of the zipper before stitching on the second side.

add borders

Your zippered block is complete!

floral zipper block

Now we’ll make the pocket with the flap.

solids pocket block

Use the flap pocket PDF template to cut TWO of each shape.
Also cut one 12.5″x12.5″ background piece.

For each of the shapes, place them right sides together, stitch around each shape with 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving a 2″ gap for turning. Clip the corners, then turn right side out and press.

Top stitch the straight edge on the larger piece for a finished look, and to close the hole.

top stitch pocket

Decide the placement for the pieces.

place pocket pieces

Pin the large piece in place, then stitch around the curved edge 1/8″ away from the edge.

edge stitch pocket

Pin the small piece in place, then stitch down along the straight edge.

pocket floral block

You can add a decorative button on the flap, but it is easier to wait until after quilting to stitch it in place.