Meet the Pro: Stacy’s Sensory Solutions

Meet the Pro: Stacy's Sensory Solutions

The team at Fairfield World loves to learn about the different ways our clients and customers use our varied products.  This month, we’d like to introduce you to one client who helps improve the quality of life of her customers with her specially designed, often custom made products. Stacy from Stacy’s Sensory Solutions strives to create solutions for kids with special needs.

Meet the Pro: Stacy's Sensory Solutions

As the parent of a special needs child, Stacy understands the challenges that families of kids with sensory processing disorders face. Her insight helps her create products as unique and special as each of her customers.  She and the people she works with think outside the box to meet the needs of individuals with special needs, and they even offer customization of their products so that they are tailored to each customer’s needs.


To create her weighted products, Stacy relies on Fairfield World’s Poly Pellets.   Our Poly Pellets are a 100% polypropylene weighted stuffing material that adds the flexibility necessary to shape soft crafts into lifelike positions. All pellets have a smooth edge with an oval contour to create a uniform fill.  Check out some of our favorite products that Stacy makes using Poly Pellets.

Meet the Pro: Stacy's Sensory Solutions

Iggy Iguana

This colorful, stretchy Iguana is weighted with 3 pounds.  Iggy is ready to perch on your child’s shoulder or rest on his lap and provide sensory input.  His squishy little paws are great for fidgeting hands!

weighted vest

Weighted Vests

Offered in a variety of styles and patterns, this is a stylish, high quality weighted vest that no one would know was weighted! Weight bags are evenly distributed throughout the inside of the vest with velcro. Weight bags can be removed to provide the correct weight for your child’s individual sensory input needs.

Meet the Pro: Stacy's Sensory Solutions

Weighted Lap Pad

Also available in a variety of styles and colors, this weighted lap pad comes with Fidget Loops. This pad is designed to be smaller and provide pressure on the lap only.  It is great for children with difficulty staying seated or for pressure seeking individuals for calming.

Meet the Pro: Stacy's Sensory Solutions

Weighted Blanket

Stacy’s Sensory Solutions has a huge selection of weighted blankets in a variety of sizes and patterns.  Each stitched section of the blanket is filled with poly pellet weight bags. The weights are individually bagged to ensure the weights stay in place in the blanket over time. All blankets can be washed and dried on normal cycle.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about how one of our clients, Stacy, is making life a little easier for families with special needs, one individual at a time.  Visit her website and check her out on Facebook to learn more about the products and services she offers.

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