Meet the Pro: Amy Butler

“One of my core beliefs is that through who we are and what we do, we can inspire great change in ourselves, each other, and in the world. I believe that we can inspire those around us to become happier & more confident through finding their own creativity. That’s the wonderful thing about making art! Finding creative fire, love, passion, excitement, and pure joy in the little everyday things… taking note and loving and appreciating every moment. I feel fortunate to be on my path nurturing my creative spark, and I love hearing about other like-minded folks who are finding theirs! It’s a beautiful process, we’re all in it together… growing, learning and becoming.” Amy Butler

The team at Fairfield World is delighted to collaborate with the extremely talented Amy Butler for an upcoming design project.  If you are not familiar with her artistry yet, please allow us to introduce you to her now.

Amy has been making things her entire life.  She is a former contributing editor for Country Living magazine, and began publishing her designs there.  After moving back home to Ohio with her husband, she established her freelance design company.  Her work has been featured in multiple design and decorating magazines worldwide, including Better Homes and Gardens and Marie Claire. Amy Butler is one of the top selling quilting and home sewing fabric designers in the industry.

Amy and her team were kind enough to share some images with us from her recent projects.  Here you can see several examples of the types of patterns and fabrics available from her lines, as well as how to use them in your home decorating and sewing projects.

These DIY lamps are simply fabulous, and the colors are perfect for brightening any room!


A lovely quilt, indeed!


The jewel tones in this floor mat are so inviting!


This gorgeous bag is more beautiful than most store bought designer handbags!

In addition to her patterns and fabric lines, Amy produces a visually stunning and artistically inspiring magazine that is self curated.  Called “Blossom”, the publication is available in print and online.  You read the newest issue for free online by clicking here.

We were fortunate to chat briefly with Amy Butler and learn a little about her.  

FFW:  What would be a perfect crafternoon for you?

Amy:  I gather with my crafty girlfriends stitching, painting, sewing and eating great food at our lake house getaway in Tennessee!

FFW:  Can you share one quote or saying you love?

Amy:  Create love, express beauty, be kind. ~ Blossom Magazine Mantra

To learn more about Amy Butler, visit her website or check her out on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


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