Score Big with These Fun Football Crafts!

fun football party crafts

Welcome football enthusiasts and DIY aficionados! If you’re looking to combine your passion for the gridiron with a touch of creative flair, you’ve landed in the perfect end zone. We’re diving into the world of football crafts – a realm where team spirit meets imaginative hands-on projects. Whether you’re gearing up for Super Bowl game day or simply want to infuse your space with a dose of football fervor, we’ve got a playbook of fun and easy-to-make crafts that will score big points with fans of all ages. From pom-poms that channel your team’s energy to DIY decor that adds flair to your game day spread, get ready to craft your way into a touchdown celebration. Grab your crafting supplies, put on your team colors, and let’s kick off this creative journey together with this roundup of fun football crafts!

football party decor crafts

Football Party Decor

We’re bringing you a playbook of DIY football party decor crafts that will elevate your game day celebrations to championship levels! These fun football crafts are designed to infuse your party with team spirit and festive flair.

Insulated Drink Holders

Keep cold drinks chilled for the duration of the game with these football themed drink holders. Line them with Solarize, an insulating thermal barrier fabric, that creates a thermal barrier keeping things hot or cold. Solarize works with shiny side in or out – you choose!

DIY Koozie

Combine fabric that features your favorite team, Solarize interfacing, and Support Soft Foam Stabilizer to create your own custom koozies for game day! Support Soft Foam helps the koozie holds it shape, and it’s light enough to quilt!

Football Pot Holder

This great DIY project is one that serves two purposes: it helps decorate your serving table while protecting your surface! Once again, Solarize insulating thermal barrier fabric is the perfect choice for this fun football craft.

Yard Line Party Bunting

This eye catching decor project uses artificial turf to mimic the football field. If you don’t want to use that then grab a bolt of Clover Oly-Fun Fabric to create a similar effect!

Football Juice Boxes

These cute juice boxes will be a hit with the kids at your football themed party! Use Hot Fudge Oly-Fun Fabric with fabric glue and chalk markers to make this quick project.

Football Banner

You can stick with Clover and Hot Fudge Oly-Fun fabric to make this football field inspired banner, or use colors of Oly-Fun Fabric that match the team you are rooting for!

Pennant Banner

Here’s another twist on a football themed party banner! Oly-Fun Fabric can be glued or sewn, and it never frays, making it the perfect textile for party decor projects like this one. It won’t rip or tear like paper does!

game day snacks to make

Game Day Snacks

Now let’s dive into the playbook of football-themed snacks that will take your game day party to the next level! Elevate your snack game with these projects that are sure to impress. If you’re traveling with your homemade snacks, or even if you just need something to keep them safe in until guest arrive, you’ll want to see our list of casserole carriers that you can make! Here are four fun treats that you can tote in your DIY carrier:

super bowl crafts for kids

Fun Football Crafts for Kids

Last but definitely not least, these projects will get the kids involved with the football festivities! Whether your little ones are budding football fans or just looking for a crafty adventure, these projects are tailor-made for pint-sized creativity.

Paper Plate Football Craft

Kids can work on both their fine and gross motor skills with this project! Punch holes in the cardboard so that kids can practice their lacing skills (and learn some basic sewing!) Have a bit of Poly-Fil Fiber Fill on hand to stuff this football craft with!

Mini Football Cornhole Game

This craft is a great option when it’s too cold for kids to play outside! Bring the fun of cornhole indoors with this cute mini version of the popular outdoor game. Poly-Pellets Weighted Stuffing Beads are always the best option for bean bag crafts like this one!

Easy to Make Pom Poms

Kids of all ages will have fun cheering for their favorite team with pom poms that they made themselves! Oly-Fun Fabric won’t fall apart or rip like paper does, so it’s perfect for kids to use in their projects.

Rag Wreath

Similar to the pom poms but a little more involved, this rag wreath project will keep kids busy by cutting and tying Oly-Fun Fabric. This would be a great activity to work on as a family, and the finished product will welcome guests to your home when they come to watch the game with you!

Super Bowl Party Packs

Children can help make these party packs to use as favors or even as “busy bags” to hand out during the game. Kids can learn to sew with Oly-Fun Fabric as they make these cute treat bags.

Football Sensory Bin

This sensory bin is a fun way to keep kids entertained! Grab a tub or tote bin and fill it with Poly-Fil Classic Bean Bag Filler. Hide football themed toys and/or prizes in the bin, and let kids explore and play!

fun football crafts

As we wrap up this touchdown-worthy journey into the realm of football party decor crafts, it’s clear that turning your space into a gridiron celebration is just a craft away.  Whether you’re gearing up for the big game or hosting a casual football get-together, these DIY crafts are your playbook for creating an atmosphere filled with team spirit and creative flair. Here’s to cheering on your favorite team surrounded by the warmth of handmade decor – a true touchdown celebration that goes beyond the final whistle!

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