Sparkling DIY Ideas for Fourth of July Outdoor Decor

Sparkling DIY Ideas for Fourth of July Outdoor Decor

The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and there’s no better way to celebrate America’s birthday than by transforming your outdoor space into a festive, patriotic haven. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, a family picnic, or simply enjoying the holiday with close friends, a touch of red, white, and blue can make the day extra special. We are sharing sparkling DIY ideas for Fourth of July outdoor decor that are easy to create and sure to impress. These projects will add a delightful patriotic flair to your celebration. Roll up your sleeves, gather your craft supplies, and let’s get started on making your Fourth of July shine like never before!

Fourth of July Buntings, Banners & More

DIY Fourth of July outdoor decor can add a personal touch that store-bought items just can’t match. Get ready to unleash your creativity and dive into these fun and easy buntings and banners projects that will make your Fourth of July celebrations truly unforgettable!

fourth of july outdoor decor DIY bunting

Patriotic Bunting inspired by Pottery Barn

Oly*Fun Fabric makes it easy to quickly create this American flag themed decor! Oly*Fun doesn’t fray, so you can die cut it and glue it like paper, but it’s more durable!

patriotic tassel garland DIY

Outdoor Patriotic Tassel Garland

This tassel garland is another easy to make project that will add loads of red, white, and blue to your outdoor space! Use Oly*Fun Fabric to create a piece of decor that is durable and will last year after year!

fourth of july wand

Fourth of July Ribbon Wand

This is a quick project that you can use to decorate fence posts, planters, and other outdoor spaces with. Once again, Oly*Fun Fabric is a perfect option for this DIY patriotic project, because it won’t fray like ribbon does.

fringe garland

Patriotic Garland Tutorial

This beautiful fringed Fourth of July garland is a wonderful way to bring lots of red, white, and blue to your outdoor space! While this tutorial shows how to make the garland using tissue paper, Oly*Fun Fabric would work, too!

patriotic garden flag tutorial

Patriotic Garden Flag

Use stencils and paint to turn a piece of Oly*Fun Fabric into an eye-catching garden flag for the Fourth of July!

patriotic windsock

DIY Patriotic Windsock

This cute windsock pairs nicely with the banner and wand ideas shown above! If you have strips of Oly*Fun Fabric leftover from those DIYs you can put them to use with this simple project.

Red, White & Blue Decor DIYs

Infuse your outdoor spaces with the vibrant colors of patriotism: red, white, and blue! These projects are perfect for adding a personal touch to your celebrations. Let’s get started on making your Fourth of July decor as memorable as the fireworks in the sky!

Patriotic Fireworks Wall Decor

This colorful project is perfect for families to make together! You could also hang the DIY firework decor or use them to create unique garden flags.

patriotic wreath

Patriotic Wreath with Oly-Fun Fabric

As you can see by now, there are LOTS of ways to use Oly*Fun Fabric in your Fourth of July outdoor decor crafting! I made this mini wreath to decorate my mailbox with for Independence Day!

burlap pillow Fourth of July decor DIY

Burlap Flag Pillow

Transform a plain burlap pillow cover with paint and a Weather Soft™ pillow insert! With Weather Soft you have the freedom to decorate your outdoor space thanks to these pillow inserts that have a water repellent shell! That keeps the inner 100% polyester fiberfill from becoming saturated in wet weather, so you can decorate your outdoor space for the Fourth of July no matter what the weather is.

flower flag diy

Flower Flag DIY

Decorate your porch or patio with a gorgeous flag that’s made with flowers! You could use artificial storebought flowers or make your own with Oly*Fun fabric.

patriotic wreath tutorial

Red, White and Blue Wreath DIY

Here is another fun wreath idea made with flowers! What a pretty way to decorate while showing your patriotic spirit!

Patriotic Table Decor to DIY

One of the best ways to bring patriotic spirit to your holiday gathering is through beautifully crafted outdoor table decor. Creating your own red, white, and blue decorations adds a personal and creative touch to your event, making it even more memorable. Let’s dive into the world of DIY patriotic table decor and make this Fourth of July celebration truly special!

fourth of july outdoor decor table runner

Patriotic Table Runner

This DIY patriotic table runner brings a bright dose of red, white, and blue to your space! Since it’s made with Oly*Fun fabric it’s water resistant, making it perfect for patio tables.

patriotic centerpiece

Patriotic Party Centerpiece made with Oly-Fun

Upcycle containers to create a patriotic centerpiece for your patio! Use metallic Oly*Fun in silver, gold, and red to really make this outdoor party piece pop!

patriotic vase

DIY Patriotic Vase

Finally, here’s a quick and simple project to add patriotic color to a plain vase. If you don’t want to paint, use Oly*Fun fabric instead to cover the vase with.

Fourth of July DIY Decor

As the sun sets and the fireworks light up the sky, your beautifully decorated outdoor space will serve as the perfect backdrop for a memorable Fourth of July celebration. By incorporating these DIY decor ideas, you’ve not only added a festive touch to your gathering but also created an inviting atmosphere that reflects the spirit of Independence Day. Remember, the best part of DIY projects is the personal touch and creativity you bring to each piece. Enjoy the festivities, cherish the moments with loved ones, and take pride in the beautiful space you’ve crafted. Happy Fourth of July!







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