Fabric Scrap Coasters

Fabric Scrap coasters


If you enjoy making useful items from fabric scraps, this is a project you will love. I have been  practicing my patchwork technique and skills lately and really enjoyed creating these. A layer of Smooth fusible fabric foundation and a felt backing makes these fabric scrap coasters very practical.

Materials for Fabric Scrap Coasters

  • Fabric scraps
  • Smooth Fusible Fabric Foundation
  • White wool felt
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Scissors, scalloped edged scissors
  • Rotary cutter and self healing cutting mat
  • Iron and pressing surface

To get started, assemble the coordinating fabric scraps in colors and prints of your choice.

fabric scrap coasters a

Next, assemble them patchwork style by matching the seams together at angles and sewing closed with the sewing machine and thread. Use the iron on steam setting to steam the seams open on the wrong sides of the fabric.

fabric scrap coasters 2

Continue to sew the pieces together until you have a piece large enough to cut a 4″ square from.

Fabric scrap coasters

Next, cut 4 1/2″ squares from the white wool felt using the rotary cutter and self healing mat. Use the cutter and mat to cut 4″ squares from the Smooth.

fabric scrap coasters 4

Cut 4″ squares from the pieced fabrics and fuse the Smooth to the wrong sides. Then pin the fused fabric to one of the felt squares, centering. Use the scalloped edged scissors to trim the edges of the felt.

fabric scrap coasters 5

Use the sewing machine to quilt the pieces together at an angle and sew the edges of the fabric to the felt. Simple, fun and useful! Here are some creative gift giving ideas for these coasters.

  • Grab your fabric stash of holiday prints and colors. Make a stack of these, tie them up with a festive ribbon, and give them away with some Cocoa mix in a jar.
  • Create these for a girlfriends in her favorite colors. Stick into a gift basket along with some wine glasses and her favorite bottle of wine.
  • Give these to your favorite hostess along with some rock glasses and a some homemade Sweet and Sour Bar Mix. Here is a great recipe! 

Enjoy and….

Live Life Creatively,





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