DIY Ugly Sweater Ideas for the Holidays

ugly sweater DIY ideas

Grab an old sweater and break out your craft and sewing supplies! It’s time to make a memorable holiday wearable. These DIY ugly sweater ideas will help you stand out at your holiday gathering.

snow globe ugly sweater

Giant Snow Globe Ugly Sweater

I’m not exaggerating when I call this a winning design: I actually won a radio station sponsored ugly sweater contest with this monstrosity! What’s not to love about a giant snow globe that lights up? The fact that it’s on a sweater makes it even better. Poly-Fil Micro Beads make this portable snow globe as light as air, so you can wear it comfortably all day or night. Fluffy Snow is the perfect choice for creating a snowy setting on the DIY ugly sweater.

globe sweater

Snow Globe Ugly Sweater

This ugly sweater is another version of the snow globe, and it’s much smaller. This is great for young kids or if you need to sit at a desk while wearing your DIY ugly sweater. To create the illusion of snow in a snow globe, grab a bag of Poly-Fil Mini Sized Micro Beads. These itty bitty foam beads are popular as a slime additive and perfect for smaller snow globe projects like this one!

festive ugly sweater

Alternative Ugly Sweater: The Festive Reindeer

If flashy isn’t your thing then this festive sweater is perfect for you. Grab an old sweatshirt and your fabric scraps to quickly create a colorful (and slightly tacky) reindeer ugly sweater. Find a template or print a coloring sheet to trace the elements onto the fabric. Use Stick Double Sided Fusible Interfacing to quickly and easily add the fabric to your shirt. Stick works like glue but doesn’t leave a mess and has no drying time! You can turn any fabric into an iron on with this fusible webbing.

wacky ugly sweater

Tipping the Ladder

This gravity defying sweater will get you noticed. Combine a hodge podge of Christmas craft items with toys to create this over the top ugly sweater. The tutorial doesn’t give specifics about how to create the structure for the sweater, and he dares to suggest chicken wire (gasp!) to create the shape. Please don’t do that! A much better choice for creating the shape of the tree is Support Soft Foam Stabilizer. This interfacing helps you create soft, wearable shapes that can be washed! Use Soft Foam Stabilizer to create an ugly sweater that is comfortable to wear and will keep it’s shape all night!

gingerbread house ugly sweater

Gingerbread House Sweater

This is the sweetest ugly sweater idea, wouldn’t you agree? The artist doesn’t share how she made this fabulous top, but we can use the photo for inspiration and craft our own version. I suggest using Structure Fusible Interfacing with felt fabric. This interfacing gives shape and strength to light fabrics, and it will help you sew a gingerbread house that doesn’t wilt. To quickly create the snowy base of the house, go with Fluffy Snow. For more house building costume ideas, check out my trapped Alice in Wonderland tutorial made with foam and Oly-Fun Fabric.

kitten mittens DIY ugly sweater

Kitten Mitten Ugly Sweater

Remember those kittens who lost their mittens? Looks like they have been reunited! Transform a plain sweater or sweater vest with tiny mittens and cats! This tutorial embroiders the cute kittens, but you can also fussy cut kittens from fabric and adhere them with fusible webbing. Another short cut (if you don’t want to sew) is to attach the mittens using Stick Double Sided Fusible Interfacing. All you need is an iron, fabric, and fusible interfacing to quickly whip up an ugly sweater!

snowman ugly sweater

Snow Cute Ugly Sweater

Break out the glue gun and Snow for this fluffy sweater that is *snow* much fun! First cover the shirt with lots of Fluffy Snow, then add embellishments like buttons and a scarf! This cotton candy costume tutorial will give you lots of great tips for how to create wearables with Poly-Fil fiber fills.

DIY ugly sweater ideas

We love to see how you use Fairfield World at the heart of your projects! Don’t forget to tag us on social media when you share your DIY ugly sweater creations!


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