Olivia Laws

Favorite Craft: Crochet

Olivia Laws is a US based fiber artist residing in Northwest Tennessee with her husband, Hunter, and their loveable golden retriever, Grizzlie. Her mission is to blend fine art sculpture with a medium most refer to as craft: crochet. She graduated with a BFA in Studio Arts from the University of Tennessee in 2016. During her time there she studied traditional art forms such as drawing, painting, and sculpture; however, crochet has always been her passion. Olivia likes to work on as large a scale as she possibly can with her largest piece to date being just over 6 feet tall. Her style features a bright color palette and exaggerated details. She spends most of her days working on commissions for clients and sketching up ideas for her next big piece. You can see more of Olivia’s projects on her Instagram @OliviaLawsArt

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