Mickey Depre

Mickey was introduced to the world of Fiber Arts by her own personal “grand masters” at the age of four. Grandmothers, Great Aunts, Aunts and her mother filled her days with cloth, needles, yarn and such. But it wasn’t until this lifelong Chicagoan explored the world of quilting in 1997 that she felt she found her “home”.

Textiles have always fascinated her from vintage to current and her taste has always been ALL! Sewing in general, mending to garment making were never a chore…but when she pushed beyond traditional quilt making she found the road less traveled was greatly inviting. Her work mixes traditional quilting techniques with bold, innovative machine appliqué.

Her quilts are filled with whirlwinds of colors, with oranges residing next to purples of all shades in harmony. Dots, swirls and stripes intermingle with florals and prints in an outlandish yet exciting visual parade. This is how she sees the world and wants others to see it too.

The imagery of Mickey’s quilts are meant to spark thought and a smile as she states that humor is a great gift to share. If you love whimsy you will simply adore Mickey’s smile invoking quilts.

Mickey enjoys sharing her love of fiber thru lectures and workshops. Her workshops mix technique instruction with individual creativity and always a giggle or two.

My Website: www.mdquilts.com