Luann Bowen

While my given name is Luann, I was always called Lulu as a child. Still today, some friends and relatives still call me Lulu. I always liked the nickname, and decided to use it as a business name for my bears and other creations. I’ve been making collectible teddy bears since 1990, and in the past few years, have ventured into other companion pieces as well. These new pieces include cats, gollies, and my newest – lions – among other things. I make each piece in its entirety from my original designs.

Having been born and raised, and eventually relocating back to Texas after my husband retired from the Air Force, I finally made the leap and entered a couple of pieces in the Texas State Fair in 2010. One of my bears garnered a third place ribbon, and I was thrilled to bits. It was a fun venture, which I will try again this year.

I am a collector of what seems to be just about everything, and am especially fond of black glass buttons, black dolls, quilts and pincushions.

I love antiques and anything old – and am very fortunate to have a house full of furniture from not only my grandparents and great parents on both sides, but pieces from my husband’s family as well. I have collected bears from other artists over the years, and have them in every room.

I teach classes on bear-making, host retreats for sewing enthusiasts, sell bear-making supplies and travel to not only bear shows, but doll shows and quilt shows as well. New adventures are always around the corner!

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