Laura Coia

Laura started sewing at her mother’s knee and never stopped! She sat on boxes and books to reach the sewing machine while her mother cooked. Her mother taught her to reuse, recycle, and create. Laura has worked as a tailor / seamstress, taught sewing /crafting / quilting and now brings her working career to YouTube. As a multi-talented expert in her field, Laura has over 45 years of experience, in sewing, quilting, and everything in between. Laura also designs her own patterns and has developed her own tips / techniques over the years, which are “sew” very helpful in the world of sewing. So whatever you’re looking to learn: be it understanding fabric / notions – how to use sewing/quilting machines – garment repairs – quilting – embroidering – crafting or project ideas and much more – Laura covers the basics to the advanced and is passionate about creating new and exciting things. Fun and “sewveryeasy”!

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