Ellen Lumpkin Brown

I’ve been sewing since I was a young girl. My mother taught me and I learned more in school. First I made my clothes. As an adult, I expanded to home dec and quilts. My quilts are simple with great plays of with color and texture. Quilting led me to explore more options for three dimensional sewing.

I am a self-taught doll maker. I started to sew dolls several years ago and it felt so natural – as though they had always been inside of my hands waiting patiently to come out! Last year, I wrote a book on sewing my dolls called and great doll fashions called Doll Fashionistsas. For me, dolls are more than a toy. Dolls can be that special friend that always understands and is there for you no matter what. I love to use 100 percent wool felt for doll making – it is wonderful to work with and has warmth and depth that is perfect for dolls. My patterns are fun and easy to follow, and the fashion patterns are right up-to-the-minute. I wrote Doll Fashionistas because I wanted every girl in the world to be able to have the doll of her dreams and a fabulous wardrobe to match! You can see my sew-it-yourself dolls and their amazing outfits at www.TheDollLoft.com.

I live in South Orange NJ with my husband. I have three sons, one is in college and two are in high school.