Christmas garland with oly-fun™

oly-fun garland

Remember the paper chains or garlands we made in school to decorate our classrooms?   Everyone working together to make the space look festive, no matter the occasion. Using oly-fun™ you can get that feeling all over again and display your completed garland outside. Great project to get your children involved in and you will be done in no time at all.  The oly-fun™ is weather resistant and perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Supplies to make the garland:


How to make the garland:


A.  Cut strips of oly-fun™ large enough to just cover each of the garland patterns on the die front. (Note: two layers of oly-fun™ can be cut at a time)

B.  Create a sandwich using the die cutting plates with the fabric covered die in the middle.

C.  Insert the die into the machine and turn the handle. Remove the cut designs from the die.

D.  Fold the first strip in half and connect the tabs. Loop additional strips through the first one creating a garland in the color pattern of your choice.

Note:  Connecting three die cuts together will create approximately  9″ of garland. Use this calculate the number of cut out you will need.

oly-fun garland2

Garland Supplies

oly-fun garland3

Cutting the garland

Enjoy making the Christmas garland and display your creative project proudly.

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