A Festive Guide to Chinese New Year Crafts

Chinese New Year Crafts to make

Welcome to a celebration of creativity and tradition! As Chinese New Year approaches, what better way to usher in the Year of the Dragon than by immersing yourself in the art of crafting? In this blog post, we’ll embark on a journey through the rich tapestry of Chinese culture, exploring a myriad of delightful crafts that not only pay homage to age-old customs but also bring a touch of festive joy to your home. From vibrant lanterns to intricately designed red envelopes, join us in discovering the beauty and significance behind these Chinese New Year crafts. Let the crafting adventure begin!

pagoda lantern craft

Pagoda Lantern Craft

Brighten your home with the warm glow of handmade lanterns. This clever idea uses fabric instead of paper, making this lantern fire proof and much safer to display! Use Stick Double Sided Interfacing to bond the fabric together so you can get those beautiful, crisp pleats in the pagoda lantern.

Chinese New Year Crafts dragon

Paper Plate Chinese Dragon

This kid friendly craft is perfect for Chinese New Years, especially since this year is the year of the dragon! Instead of construction paper and tissue paper, which rip very easily, use Oly-Fun Fabric for this project. It cuts like paper and you can color it with markers, but it’s much more durable, which is so important since little hands will be playing with this cute dragon a lot!

Chinese New Year Crafts coaster DIY

Wheel of Fortune Coaster

These are called wheel of fortune coasters because the artist inserts little notes into them, making them like beautiful fabric fortune cookies. Protect your tables by adding Solarize Liner Fabric to all of your coaster projects. This wonderful interfacing will help insulate your beverages while protecting your surfaces.

silk fabric treat holder bag

Fabric Treat Holder

Make treat giving more festive with these cute, sewn holders. This is also a great stash busting project, since you get to use lots of small strips of fabric.

red envelopes tutorial

Red Envelopes: More Than Just Money

Learn the art of crafting traditional red envelopes (hongbao). These iconic symbols of good luck are fun to make and to give. To craft an envelope that really stands out, make it with Metallic Oly-Fun fabric in red and embellish the envelope with Metallic Oly-Fun fabric in gold. You can use your die cutter or electronic cutting machine to cut almost anything out of Oly-Fun!

fu paper cutting tutorial

Paper-Cutting Artistry

Try your hand at the ancient art of Chinese paper-cutting, and learn how to create stunning paper-cut artworks that tell a story of good fortune and happiness. One tradition is to decorate the door with the fu character 福 which means happiness. This tutorial uses paper, but you could use Cherry Pop Oly-Fun fabric instead so that your paper cut decor is waterproof and long lasting!

paper cutting project Chinese New Year Crafts

Chinese New Year Paper Cutting Project

This Chinese New Year craft is a bit more intricate, but the tutorial includes a cutting file that you can use with your fabric or paper cutting machine to make it easier. Or if you prefer a challenge, take out those detail scissors and start snipping! Metallic Oly-Fun fabric in red would be perfect for this project!

crochet chinese lanterns

Chinese Lantern Amigurumi Pattern

Bringing the vibrant and intricate Chinese New Year lanterns to life through the rhythmic dance of yarn and hook. This project seamlessly blends the artistry of crochet with the cultural allure of Chinese lanterns, resulting in a unique and visually stunning creation. Poly-Fil Fiber Fill will give your crochet craft volume without weighing it down.

hexagon basket tutorial

Hexagon Basket

This beautiful basket project makes perfect decor for your home! Use silk, like the sample project, or choose fabric with a print that matches this Chinese New Year’s zodiac. Instead of cardboard (which will fall apart if the basket gets wet), use Stiffen Fusible Interfacing. Stiffen provides the rigidity of cardboard but is more durable. Plus you can fuse it to your fabric, making sewing even easier!

Chinese New Year Crafts roundup

Embrace the artistry, symbolism, and joy that Chinese New Year crafts bring, and may your creations usher in a year filled with prosperity, good fortune, and endless creativity. Happy crafting and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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