Artistic Humor for your enjoyment

Artistic humor is something we can appreciate as creative type people.  Being artsy or creative has positives and more positives.  There really are no negatives in doing what you enjoy.  We like to have fun and enjoy the little quirks that come from quilting, sewing and crafting.  The art quote images are for you to enjoy.  Post them on Facebook, Pin them on Pinterest share them on Instagram or where ever you need to brighten someones day.

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We hope that you will share the images and encourage others to get out there and make something today.  Life should be enjoyed .

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Thank you for stopping by our blog and hope you enjoy a little bit of the art humor we have for you. We really enjoy sharing inspiration in all its wonderful forms and we hope it encourages you to get out there and make something.  We are on Facebook Pinterest Instagram   and would love for you to follow us there.

Be sure to stop back often for new projects and to see what we are up to next.

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