As a quilter, you invest a great deal of time into the selection of the perfect pattern and spend hours lovingly cutting and piecing together hand-selected fabrics. The quilt batting you choose has a significant effect on the final appearance of your quilt and will determine its hand, drape and loft. That’s why we offer so many quilt batting choices. Each one is carefully formulated to enhance specific characteristics so results are predictable and perfect every time.
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American Spirit Batting™ Shop Now

Fairfield proudly introduces American Spirit Batting™, a unique line of quilt batting developed especially for you and available exclusively in independent local quilt shops and specialty retailers.

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Poly-Fil Battings Shop Now

Poly-Fil® brand quilt batting is a family of premium polyester battings known for its quilting ease, longevity and durability. Choose from a variety of lofts and sizes.

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Nature-Fil Battings Shop Now

Nature-Fil™ brand is our family of 100% natural fiber quilt battings and natural blend battings that includes cotton, wool, bamboo and Fusi-Boo®, our fusible quilt batting.