In 1940, Samuel Young established Fairfield Processing Corporation in Danbury, CT.  The company specialized in the processing of natural fibers to be used in the manufacturing of hats and the weaving of fabric. Sam Young’s ingenuity led him to develop machinery that made his process unique. Fairfield Processing quickly became the world’s largest supplier of processed woolen fibers. 

In 1955 and again in 1956, the northeast part of the United States experienced devastating floods. Many textile companies that were located throughout the area suffered severe damage or were completely destroyed. Fairfield Processing was not spared, and the company was almost destroyed. Through perseverance, and the help of his son Robert who joined the family company, Sam Young continued the growth of the business.

The 1960s brought about the introduction of polyester fiber. Sam and Robert experimented by introducing the new synthetic fiber into their unique process. The result was a highly resilient, fluffy fiber perfect for the filling of toys. Over the next several years, Fairfield Processing’s business shifted to exclusively processing polyester fiber. Robert introduced the product “Poly-fil” at the W.T. Grant stores, which was quickly followed by Kmart and Wal-Mart.

After Robert passed on in 1980, Sam Young’s other son, Roy, who also worked at Fairfield Processing, took over the management of the company. Under Roy Young’s leadership, the company expanded its product line to include Pillows and Quilt Batting. The introduction of the International Fairfield Fashion Show provided quilters an opportunity to display their craft in a non-traditional way and it stimulated quilting into another art form. For many years, Fairfield also sponsored the popular craft television show, Sew Creative. Over 200 episodes inspired viewers to develop their sewing skills with the guidance of expert guests.

Poly-fil® is now recognized as the brand name of polyester products trusted by crafters. To satisfy the demands of retailers and consumers, Fairfield Processing maintains manufacturing and distribution sites strategically located in the United States.

Roy Young’s son Jordan, third generation, now leads the management team. In 2007, Jordan and his team launched the first batting, pillow forms, and fiberfill made using rayon fiber from bamboo, which was introduced under the Nature-fil™ brand.

Fairfield Processing remains focused on providing products that meet the high performance standards of crafters, as well as satisfying the need to remain responsible stewards of our planet earth.

Poly-fil® premium polyester fiberfill was developed in the 1960s and remains the number one selling brand of fiberfill among crafters today.