Inspiring Creativity is not only Eleanor’s passion, it's her mission. She believes that most people just need a little jumpstart to ignite their own creativity, and she love to provide the sparks!  As a freelancer doing business as Craft Services, LLC, she’s produced dozens of how-to books, magazines, and publicity campaigns for a wide variety of publishers and consumer product companies. The connecting threads in all of them are exciting and easy ideas she finds on the cusp of new trends, and in innovative twists on tradition. These ideas make folks say, “Oooh, I’ve got to make that!”


She is proficient in many sewing, quilting, crafting and painting techniques and she very often picks up the needle, craft knife, and spray adhesive and creates original designs to inspire others. If there’s a new product or technique out there, chances are she's getting her hands on it and figuring out a cool way to use and present it.


Eleanor’s inspiring creations can be found the Home Page and are also shown on product pages.

Eleanor's ornament is transformed into the Fairfield Museum - your link to the Community Gallery from the Home Page.