The Casbah Kitten pet toy business was started by Rita and her beloved cat Jelly Bean in 2007.  Unhappy with the 'big box' store cat toys, Rita decided to use Eco felt and organic catnip to create unique, quality toys that make cats happy.  In 2010, the Casbah Kitten shop expanded to include Dog Toys as well, created from upcycled denim jeans and skirts. 


Today, feline sisters Jane and Alice join the company and help to grow their own organic catnip, snoopervise the assembly process, and test the toys often and well.  Rita designs the patterns, does the sewing, runs the online shop, and assists the cats.


Each month, a portion of the sales from the Casbah Kitten’s Etsy shop is donated to an animal charity, as all of the Casbah Kitten cats have been either strays or adopted from a shelter. 


Since the retirement of Jelly Bean and Mr. Pickles in 2009, the Etsy shop and blog have been taken over by Jane and Alice. Read it for yourself at


 Rita's pet toys are shown on product pages.

Pet toys hide in the trees in Fairfield World.