Kathy Barbro grew up on a farm and learned how to sew from her mother.  When she went off to college, she got into computer graphic design.  Later, she combined these two skills and started developing her own sewing patterns to sell to quilt shops around the country. For the last 10 years she has been slowly growing her collection to a total of 16 animal patterns – all of which she designs, sews, writes, and illustrates herself.


The style of her creations is based on a discovery she made in art school: if you topstitch fabric to a muslin back and run it through a hot wash and dry cycle, it encourages shrinking. The result is a rumpled texture and the inspiration for the name of her animal patterns: Rumpled Quilt Skins.

Kathy's birds and fish can be found in the background art in the Patterns and Our Products sections of the site. To see a full collection of her patterns visit

Birds flock to Fairfield World and perch in the trees.